Wednesday, August 16, 2000

In Amman, Israeli PM Ehud Barak discusses the PA-Israeli final status talks with King Abdallah of Jordan. (MENL 8/16; WP 8/17)

In the 1st senior-level talks since the Camp David summit ended on 7/25, Israeli chief negotiator and acting FM Shlomo Ben-Ami and Barak adviser Gilead Sher meet with senior Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiators, Local Government M Saeb Erakat and Preventive Security Force (PSF) head Muhammad Dahlan. The 5-hr. talks focus on Jerusalem, but neither side expresses willingness to compromise on its position. (MENL 8/16; NYT, WP, WT 8/17)

Around 3 am nr. Ramallah, in area B, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) patrol fatally shoots a 73-yr.-old Palestinian American man who had heard the troops operating nearby and thought they were burglars. When he ran to the roof of his house, shouted a warning, and shot a gun into the air to frighten them off, the soldiers returned fire, wounding him. The patrol prevented an ambulance fr. approaching the house for at least an hr., while they searched the area for other "attackers." The man dies en route to the hospital. (CSM, LAW, MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT 8/17; NYT, WP 8/18; WJW 8/24; JP [Internet] 8/31)

The Israeli Interior Min. reports that nearly double the usual number of East Jerusalem Palestinians applied for Israeli citizenship during the 1st half of 2000. Figures show that of 200,000 East Jerusalem Palestinians, only 3,300 have Israeli citizenship, 10,000 have applied. (JT [Internet], MENL 8/16; JT [Internet] 8/18)