Monday, October 9, 2000

Barak extends indefinitely his 48-hr. deadline for Arafat to halt Palestinian riots passes in light of international mediation efforts. Clinton, Albright spend the day on the phone, discussing with Arafat, Barak, Mubarak, various EU leaders ways of halting the violence. UN Secy.-Gen. Annan, Russian FM Ivanov meet with Barak in Tel Aviv, Arafat in Gaza. Arafat goes to Cairo to confer with Mubarak. (MM, NYT, WT 10/9; Interfax, IRNA, MENA 10/9 in WNC 10/10; Interfax 10/9, Le Monde 10/10 in WNC 10/10; MENA 10/9, DUS 10/10, MA 10/11 in WNC 10/12; HA [Internet], CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/10; WJW 10/12; MEI 10/13)

Meanwhile, Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue throughout the West Bank and Gaza and inside Israel. The IDF extends the West Bank-Gaza closure indefinitely, cancels all permits issued to Palestinians working in Israel. 100s of Israeli Jews fr. Upper Nazareth rampage through Arab Nazareth, firing automatic weapons and wielding clubs, injuring 50 Israeli Arabs, damaging homes and shops. Israeli police break up the ensuing riot, firing tear gas and rubber bullets. 2 Israeli Arabs are shot dead with live ammunition either by Jews or the police. In Tel Aviv, 500 Israeli Jews attack Arab apartment buildings, set Arab-owned stores on fire. In Jaffa, Israeli Jews set fire to 2 mosques, a number of Palestinian homes. In East Jerusalem, Jewish settlers attempt to vandalize the Latin Patriarchate Church. In the West Bank, 2 Palestinians are found dead, both apparently killed by Jewish settlers avenging the murder of a rabbi on 10/8 (1 is later judged by international experts to have died in a car accident). 2 Palestinians die of injuries received earlier. (Gush Shalom press release, MM 10/9; AYM 10/9, MA 10/10 in WNC 10/12; ADM, LAW, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/10; WJW 10/12; MEI 10/13)

10,000 Kuwaitis rally in solidarity with the Palestinians. Smaller rallies are held in Canada, Egypt, Italy, and the UK, as well as in Chicago. (MENA 10/9 in WNC 10/10; MM, WP 10/10; MEI 10/13; MM 10/17)