Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Pres. Clinton announces that Arafat, Barak will come to Camp David, MD, on 7/11 to hold 3-way summit on final status issues. Talks are expected to end before Clinton leaves for a G-8 mtg. in Japan on 7/19. U.S. officials say that the PLOCC's 7/3 "threat" to declare a state as of 9/13 influenced Clinton's decision to hold the summit now. (MM 7/5; MENA 7/5 in WNC 7/6; XIN 7/5, ITAR-TASS, al-Quds, XIN 7/6 in WNC 7/7; NYT, WP, WT 7/6; AYM, XIN 7/6, ITAR-TASS, Le Monde, al-Quds, SA 7/7, DUS 7/8, JT, SA 7/9 in WNC 7/10; CSM, MM, NYT, WP 7/7; MEI 7/14)

In London, PM Barak urges British PM Tony Blair to press Arafat not to declare unilaterally a Palestinian state. Barak then leaves for Paris to hold similar talks with French pres. Chirac. (CNN [Internet], MM 7/5; MM 7/6)

Arafat invites the Palestinian opposition parties to accompany the PA delegation to the Camp David summit, participate on the sidelines. Hamas, the PFLP decline. DFLP, Palestinian People's Party (PPP), Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF) accept. (AYM 7/8, 7/9, DUS 7/11 in WNC 7/17; SA 7/9 in WNC 7/11 al-Quds 7/14 in WNC 7/18)

The Knesset lifts the immunity of MK Yitzhak Mordechai so he may face sexually assault charges. (NYT 7/6) (see 5/25)