Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Lebanon's daily al-Nahar runs an interview with Lebanese pres. Lahoud in which he says Lebanon declined an offer of $20 b.to give Palestinian refugees in the country permanent status. (JP [Internet], Reuters [Internet] 8/15; MENA 8/15 in WNC 8/16; JT, MM, WT 8/16)

In Cairo, a delegation of senior PA negotiators (comprising Arafat deputy Mahmud Abbas, Information M Yasir `Abid Rabbuh, Local Government M Erakat, PC speaker Qurai`) discusses strategies for the PA-Israeli talks with Egyptian FM Musa, reportedly briefs him on a new U.S. proposal for Jerusalem. (MENA 8/15 in WNC 8/16; MM 8/16; MENL 8/17; HA [Internet] 8/18)

Led by MK Ariel Sharon, the Likud party calls a special session of the Knesset that votes (39-1, with 80 MKs absent) to convene a 2d special session on 8/28 to debate a resolution that would bar Barak fr. renewing the peace talks with the PA without 1st holding new elections. (MM, NYT, WT 8/16)

The PA begins construction on the Gaza port. (HJ 8/15 in WNC 8/17; JT [Internet], MA [Internet], MENL 8/16)