Thursday, March 23, 2000

Before leaving Cairo, Arafat discuss the peace process with Arab League secy.-gen. Ismat `Abd al-Majid. (MENA 3/23 in WNC 3/27)

Syrian FM Shara`, Russian FM Ivanov discuss the Syrian-Israeli negotiations by phone. (Interfax 3/23 in WNC 3/27)

The pope spends the day in Israel, visiting Yad Vashem, meeting with Pres. Ezer Weizman and Israel's chief rabbis, leading mass in Jerusalem. The pope also hosts a "healing and reconciliation" mtg. to which he invites Chief Rabbi Martin Lau, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Ikram Sabri. Sabri refuses to sit on the same podium as Lau and so refuses to attend. The PA sends Shaykh Taysir Tamimi in his place. Their speeches Lau, Tamimi both stress their peoples' rights over Jerusalem. (MM 3/23; CSM, MM, NYT, WP 3/24; NYT 3/26; JP 3/31; MEI 4/7)