Thursday, May 4, 2000

In retaliation for Israeli attacks on 5/3 that killed and injured a number of civilians, Hizballah fires rockets into n. Israel, killing 1 IDF solider; 28 civilians are lightly injured by flying glass. (MM, NYT, WP 5/5; Interfax, IRNA 5/5 in WNC 5/8; al-Quds 5/7 in WNC 5/10; WJW 5/11)

In Beirut, UN special envoy Larsen holds talks with Lebanese pres. Lahoud, PM Huss regarding Israel's planned unilateral withdrawal fr. s. Lebanon. (MEI, MM, WP 5/5; al-Safir 5/9 in WNC 5/15; MEI 5/19)

In Cairo, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, the PA hold a technical comm. mtg. on displaced persons. (AYM 5/6 in WNC 5/10)