Thursday, November 18, 1999

In Jerusalem, the Israeli, PA final status teams hold their 4th round of talks, begin detailing their positions on issues that will be addressed in the framework agmt. on permanent status (FAPS). The PA demands that Israel compensate Palestinians damages suffered due to yrs. of occupation, stresses that Oslo agmts. do not give Israel the right to unilaterally decide the FRDs. (AYM 11/19 in WNC 11/23; WJW 11/25)

On the sidelines of OSCE talks, Egyptian FM `Amr Musa discusses with U.S. Secy. of State Madeleine Albright, Israeli PM Barak, Israeli FM Levy the possibility of resuming Syrian-Israeli talks; complains that implementation of Wye II is moving too slowly. (MENA 11/18 in WNC 11/22; MENA 11/19 in WNC 11/23)

At the OSCE talks, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey sign several agmts. to build an oil pipeline fr. Baku to Ceyhan. The U.S. pressed hard for the agmt., which is economically inviable yet will not be financed by the U.S., because it provides a route to move Caspian oil to the West that bypasses Iran, Russia. (ATL, Interfax, ITAR-TASS 11/18 in WNC 11/22; NYT, WP 11/19; Turan [Baku] 11/19, Iran News, Rossiyskaya Gazeta [Moscow] 11/20, Interfax 11/22 in WNC 11/23; NYT 11/21; MM 11/24)

In Cairo, Egyptian, Turkish officials discuss promoting bilateral trade, establishing free trade zone. Egypt agrees in principle to export gas to Turkey. (MENA 11/18 in WNC 11/22)