Saturday, December 4, 1999

PA chief negotiator for final status talks Yasir`Abid Rabbuh goes to Cairo to brief FM Musa on interim and final status talks with Israel. (MENA 12/4 in WNC 12/6)

Arafat hosts tree-lighting ceremony in Bethlehem, officially opening the PA's Bethlehem 2000 celebrations. (NYT, WT 12/5)

In Ramallah, 5,000 Palestinians hold a rally to mark the 51st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, call on PA to stop political detention, safeguard freedom of expression, uphold democracy and the rule of law, end corruption. (LAW 12/6)

Iraq rejects a 2d, week-long UN extension of the Oil-for-Food program; continues to suspend its oil exports. (WT 12/5) (see 11/22)