Wednesday, January 12, 2000

The Israeli daily Ha'Aretz publishes the U.S. working paper for the Israeli-Syrian talks, which the Clinton administration had urged the sides to keep confidential. Diplomats confirm that the document, which was reportedly leaked by PM Barak, is accurate. The State Dept. says the leak is "damaging and harms the cause of peace." (MM, NYT 1/13; NYT, WP, WT 1/14; AYM 1/15 in WNC 1/21; AYM 1/16 in WNC 1/19; MM 1/19; JP 1/21; MEI 1/28)

Jordan, Israel renew their bilateral trade agmt., discuss setting up a 2d QIZ in the Aqaba-Elat area. (DUS 1/12 in WnC 1/13; NYT 1/13; JT 1/13 in WNC 1/18) (see 12/6)

In Rabat on a 4-day visit, Israeli FM Levy meets with Morocco's King Muhammad for talks on the peace process, bilateral relations. (SA 1/14 in WNC 1/18; WJW 1/20; SA 2/10 in WNC 2/14)

Turkey delays PKK leader Ocalan's execution in hopes of enhancing its bid to join the EU. The European Court of Human Rights has asked to review Ocalan's case. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 1/13; MM 1/20) (see 11/25)