Monday, January 17, 2000

The U.S. puts the 2d round Syrian-Israeli talks on hold, saying Israel, Syria have fundamental differences that must be resolved for the next round to be substantive. Both sides agree to send experts to Washington in the interim to discuss the U.S. working paper. (AFP, ANSA, al-Safir 1/17, al-Quds 1/18 in WNC 1/19; MM, NYT, WP, WT 1/18; NYT, WT 1/19; al-Quds 1/19 in WNC 1/24; MM, WJW 1/20; MEI 1/28)

In Tel Aviv, Barak holds a private mtg. with Arafat, asks for a 2-mo. extension to the 2/13 FAPS deadline. Arafat refuses. (AFP 1/17 in WNC 1/19; MM, WP, WT 1/18; CSM, MM, NYT 1/19; MENA 1/19 in WNC 1/21; MM 1/20; MEI 1/28)

An EU delegation meets separately with Arafat, Barak for talks on the Palestinian track, increasing the EU role in the peace process. The EU reps. express extreme concern by the slow movement on the Palestinian track. (ANSA 1/17 in WNC 1/19)

In Tel Aviv, Jordanian FM Khatib meets with FM Levy, urges Israel to implement the 1/20 FRD. (DUS 1/18 in WNC 1/19; JT 1/25 in WNC 1/27)

In Cairo, French FM Hubert Vedrine holds talks with Pres. Mubarak, FM Musa on the peace process, the Barcelona process. Egypt agrees to host a Euro-Mediterranean partnership mtg. on 10/3. (MENA 1/17 in WNC 1/19)

The PA for the 1st time turns over a Palestinian prisoner to Israel. The prisoner, Hisham Najim, is wanted for rape and murder of a child nr. Nablus. (al-Quds 1/18 in WNC 1/19; JP 2/11)

Turkey says that it wants to aid the peace process by selling water to Israel, Jordan. Jordan's water M arrives in Ankara today for 3 days of talks on importing 180 mcm of water over 2 yrs. (ATL, JT 1/17 in WNC 1/19; WP 1/18; MM 1/19; ATL, JT, Milliyet 1/19 in WNC 1/21; SA 1/28 in WNC 1/31)

In Hadera, Israel, a crude pipe bomb, similar to those used in Natanya on 11/7, explodes in a trash can. 22 Israelis seek medical attention, mostly for shock. Israel suspects Islamic Jihad (see 1/14). (MM, NYT, WP, WT 1/18; MM 1/19; WJW 1/20; JP 1/28)

In Nicosia, the Cyprus DMin. receives an Israeli DMin. delegation for exploratory talks on developing bilateral ties. (Cyprus News Agency 1/17 in WNC 1/19)

In s. Lebanon, a roadside bomb thought to have been planted by Hizballah explodes, injuring 1 civilian. (WP 1/18)