Monday, February 14, 2000

Pres. Clinton says he is optimistic that there will be "forward movement" on the Syrian, Palestinian negotiating tracks within a few wks. (XIN 2/14 in WNC 2/17)

Israeli FM Levy says Israel will only resume negotiations with Syria if Damascus drops its up-front demand for territorial concessions. (CSM 2/15)

The dir. of the UN Oil-for-Food program, Hans von Sponeck, resigns effective 3/31, saying he has lost hope of helping Iraqis living under the UN embargo. The U.S., Britain have sharply criticized von Sponeck for his criticism of the sanctions regime. Another Oil-for-Food dir., Denis Halliday, quit in 1998 for the same reasons. (NYT, WT 2/15; MM, WP 2/17)