Thursday, October 7, 1999

Israel presents list of 151 names for the 2d stage of the prisoner release outlined in Wye II. The PA rejects the list, saying that of the 2,000 Palestinians it holds, Israel has chosen to free only those whose sentences are almost up or who were recently arrested, rather than releasing prisoners arrested for political reasons before the Oslo process began. Israel postpones the release, saying that the choice of prisoners is its alone. (MM 10/7; MM, WP, WT 10/8; MM 10/11; JP, MEI 10/15) (see 9/9)

French FM Vedrine, in Israel to follow up on PM Barak's 9/22 visit to France, holds talks with Barak, FM Levy on expanding bilateral relations. Barak asks France to support Israel's bid for membership in the European group at the UN. (AFP 10/7 in WNC 10/11; AFP 10/8 in WNC 10/13)