Thursday, October 14, 1999

Donor's Ad Hoc Liaison Comm. opens 2-day mtg. in Tokyo. (JT 10/16 in WNC 10/18; JP 10/22; AYM 10/25 in WNC 10/27)

Syrian FM Shara` leaves the hospital after successful heart surgery. (al-Safir 10/15 in WNC 10/18; MM 10/18)

Israeli Knesset speaker Avraham Burg sends letter to his Jordanian counterpart `Abd al-Hadi Majali, apologizing for the 10/9 incident in Hebron in which Jordanian lawmakers were harassed by settlers. (JP 10/22)

Israel, Greece sign a memorandum of understanding on defense cooperation and arms production, which in effect revives a 1994 Greek-Israeli defense pact that was never implemented. (Ta Nea [Athens] 10/14, Athens News 10/15 in WNC 10/18; JP 10/22)

In Amman, 100s of Hamas supporters participate in march, organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, calling for Jordan to release jailed Hamas mbrs. (NYT 10/15)

In Cairo, Egyptian police arrest 20 senior Muslim Brotherhood officials on charges of staging antigovernment activities. This is the largest crackdown on Islamists since 1995. (WT 10/17; MM 10/18)