Sunday, October 31, 1999

Israel opens Shuhada Street, which runs along the border of a Jewish settlement in Hebron, to Palestinian taxis. According to Wye II, the route should have been opened to all traffic by yesterday. (WP 11/1)

Israel blames a computer problem for the apparent "disappearance" of 17 Palestinians using the safe-passage corridor, who were recorded entering the route but not leaving. (AFP 10/31 in WNC 11/2)

Mauritania recalls its amb. to Iraq and bans the pro-Iraqi Ba`thist party in Mauritania, al-Tali'a, after Baghdad criticizes Nouakchott for establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, threatens retaliation. (AFP 10/31 in WNC 11/2; AFP 11/1 in WNC 11/3; AFP 11/3 in WNC 11/4; NYT 11/4; AFP 11/4 in WNC 11/5; MEI 11/12)