Thursday, June 3, 1999

Yugoslavia accepts an international peace plan negotiated by Russia, Finland (acting for NATO) for ending Kosovo conflict. The plan provides "substantial autonomy" for Kosovo, return of all 850,000 ethnic Albanian refugees. U.S. expresses cautious optimism, says air war, which began 3/24, will continue until treaty is fully implemented. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/4; WP 6/5; GIU 6/7; MM 6/11; GIU 6/14)

In Damascus, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdallah holds a 2d round of talks with Pres. Asad before leaving for Amman, where he meets with King Abdallah. (`Ukaz 6/2 in WNC 6/8; MM 6/4)

SLA completes withdrawal fr. Jazzin. Lebanese government says it will not grant amnesty to the 203 SLA mbrs. who elected to surrender to Lebanese authorities rather than evacuate. (MM 6/3; RL 6/3 in WNC 6/8; NYT, WT 6/4; JP 6/11)

Fewer than 3,000 Palestinians across the territories observe the PA's "day of rage" to protest Israeli settlement expansion. In Bethlehem, Gaza, Hebron, Nablus, and Tulkarm, demonstrators clash with IDF soldiers, who respond with tear gas and rubber bullets, in total injuring 36 Palestinians, killing 1. (MM 6/3; HJ 6/3 in WNC 6/8; al-Akhbar, al-Quds 6/3 in WNC 6/9; CSM, NYT 6/4; al-Quds 6/4 in WNC 6/11; LAW 6/6; MM 6/7; JP 6/11; MEI 6/18) (see 5/30)

At a roadblock nr. Yattir settlement in the West Bank, an IDF soldier fatally shoots a Palestinian motorist who allegedly tried to run him over. (CSM, NYT 6/4)