Thursday, August 5, 1999

PM Barak expands his cabinet to 23 mbrs., appoints MK Nawaf Masalha (One Israel) as 1st Arab dep. FM. Barak's One Israel party holds 12 of the 23 cabinet seats. (MM 8/5; MM, NYT 8/6; al-Riyad 8/6 in WNC 8/10; WJW 8/12) (see 8/1)

Arafat orders the Palestinian press to stop printing pieces that insult Syria, particularly DM Mustafa Tlas, who has been attacked in the press for accusing Arafat (on 8/2) of selling out the Palestinian cause. (al-Wafd 8/5, MBC 8/7 in WNC 8/9; WT 8/6; MM 8/9)

In Gaza, PA police detain Palestinian human rights activist Eyad Sarraj for questioning regarding an article in which he criticized the PA's human rights record. Sarraj is released after 2 hrs. but is forbidden to travel abroad until further notice. (LAW 8/5, 8/7)

PKK says it will heed Ocalan's 8/2 call to abandon its 14-yr. insurgency for self-rule, pull out of Turkey by 9/1. Turkey dismisses PKK's announcement as an attempt to convince Turkey to stay Ocalan's execution, vows not to negotiate with the PKK. (CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 8/6; MM 8/9; WP 8/10)