Sunday, August 15, 1999

Defusing the crisis with Shas over the government relocation of a turbine on the Sabbath (see 8/13), PM Barak promises that the government will consider weekday alternatives for similar projects in the future. (NYT, WP 8/16; MEI 8/20)

Iran orders 7 top security officials (including Tehran's chief of police and senior antiriot officers), several mbrs. of Ansar-e Hezbollah to stand trial for raiding a dormitory at Tehran University on 7/9. (WP 8/16; MEI 8/20)

In the PA-controlled section of Hebron, an explosion destroys a Palestinian shop, causing no injuries. PA police suspect the store served as bomb factory. (NYT, WP, WT 8/16; WT 8/17; MEI 8/20)

PA police arrest the chief editor, a reporter fr. Hamas's al-Risala newspaper; order them detained for 48-hrs. to investigate allegations that they distorted an interview with a PA prosecutor. (HJ 8/15 in WNC 8/16)