Sunday, April 4, 1999

In Amman, Arafat meets with King Abdallah. (RJ 4/4 in WNC 4/5; WT 4/5; al-Riyad 4/7 in WNC 4/15)

Jordan's King Abdallah begins a 3 day visit to Saudi Arabia today on 1st leg of regional tour aimed at restoring Arab solidarity, inter-Arab coordination; meets with King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdallah, who urge Jordan to limit ties with Iraq. (MM 4/6; JTV 4/6 in WNC 4/7; MM 4/7; `Ukaz 4/7, al-Ra'i 4/9 in WNC 4/14; al-Riyad 4/7 in WNC 4/15; MM 4/9; MEI 4/23)

Clashes erupt in Nazareth btwn. Christians and Muslims, who oppose planned construction of a plaza for millennium Christian pilgrims nr. a mosque. More than 70 Israeli police arrive but make no effort to stop the rioting, which leaves 7 Palestinians injured. There have been nonviolent protests over the project for more than a yr. (WP, WT 4/5; MM 4/8; MEI 4/23)

Egypt recalls its diplomatic mission fr. Belgrade to protest attacks against Albanians in Kosovo. (MENA 4/4 in WNC 4/5)

IDF shelling in s. Lebanon, injures 8 Lebanese civilians, including 5 children. (VOL 4/4 in WNC 4/5; WP 4/5; RL 4/5, 4/6 in WNC 4/7; WT 4/9; JP 4/16)