Friday, May 7, 1999

Orient House, Israeli Internal Security Min. officials try to reach compromise on closure of offices. (SA 5/9 in WNC 5/10) (see 5/6)

Jordan's water minister says that Israel will provide the kingdom with its full share of water under the regular schedule agreed to under the 10/94 peace treaty. (JT 5/8 in WNC 5/10)

Arab League antiterrorism agmt. comes into force 1 mo. after being ratified by 8 of the League's 22 mbrs. (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, the PA, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the UAE). (NYT 5/8)

PSF arrests 4 al-Najah University students on charges of being mbrs. of Islamic Jihad; raid al-Manar press offices, where 1 student worked as a corresponded for Islamic Jihad's al-Istiqlal newspaper, confiscating files, computer disks. (LAW 5/12)