Monday, November 30, 1998

International donors conference called for under Wye is held in Washington. Donors pledge $3.2 b. in aid to the PA for the next 5 yrs. (MM, NYT 11/30; MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/1; YA 12/1 in WNC 12/2; al-Ahram 12/3 in WNC 12/4; MM, PR 12/4; MM 12/9; MEI 12/11; JP 12/14)

Israel's Housing Min. approves plans for 480 new housing units Kochav Ya'acov settlement, more than tripling the size of the West Bank enclave. (NYT, WT 12/2)

IDF demolishes 2d Palestinian home in East Jerusalem. (LAW 12/3; PR 1/8)

PM Netanyahu, DM Yitzhak Mordechai rules out unilateral withdrawal IDF troops fr. s. Lebanon. (WP 12/1) (see 11/29)

Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri says he will not form new government under Pres. Lahoud. Economists worry that losing the billionaire real estate mogul as PM will hurt the economy. Hizballah says that it will not participate in the new government since it offers no significant political change fr. the old one. (MM 11/30; MBC, RL, al-Safir, VOL 11/30 in WNC 12/1; MM, WP, WT 12/1; MM 12/2; al-Ahd 12/4 in WNC 12/14; MEI 12/11)