Tuesday, January 5, 1999

In Washington, Jordan's King Hussein, Pres. Clinton discuss peace process, Iraq, Jordanian economy. (JTV 1/5 in WNC 1/7; WT 1/6; al-Dustur 1/7 in WNC 1/8)

Confidants say that UN Secy. Gen. Annan has received convincing evidence that UNSCOM inspectors collected eavesdropping intelligence used in U.S. efforts to overthrow the Iraqi regime, is concerned it could undermine UN credibility. UNSCOM head Butler denies the reports. (WP 1/6; MM 1/7)

Kuwait's Dep. PM Shaykh Sa'd al-Abdallah al-Sabah visits Jordan's Crown Prince Hassan; says Jordanian-Kuwaiti ties are developing, Jordan's emb. in Kuwait City may reopen soon. (MM 1/5; RJ 1/5 in WNC 1/6; RJ 1/5 in WNC 1/7; MM 1/6; al-Dustur, al-Ra'i 1/7 in WNC 1/8; SA 1/9, 1/13 in WNC 1/14)

Jordan's governor of Irbid bans planned pro-Iraq rally. (al-Dustur 1/6 in WNC 1/7)

In 2 separate incidents, Iraqi planes challenge U.S. planes in the s. no-fly zone but do not shoot. U.S. fires on the 4 planes but misses. (GIU, NYT, WT, WP 1/6; CSM 1/7)

An IDF soldier is seriously wounded in s. Lebanon by a Hizballah remote-controlled bomb. (MM 1/6)