Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Syrian pres. Asad is reelected to a 5th 7-yr. term. As the only candidate, he wins 99.98% of the vote. (MM 2/10; SANA, SATN 2/10 in WNC 2/12; NYT 2/11; MEI 2/16)

Egypt reports that it arrested, deported 379 Israelis in 1998. (al-Akhbar 2/11 in WNC 2/18)

Israel releases Egyptian Mahmud Sawarka, who was detained in 1977 for ambushing an Israeli patrol in the Sinai desert. (WP 2/11)

Bahrain, host to the U.S. 5th Fleet headquarters, says it is opposed to military attacks on Iraq, will not allow its territory to be used as staging ground to oust Saddam Hussein. (WP 2/11)