Thursday, September 3, 1998

Pres. Clinton agrees to send special envoy Ross to the Middle East next wk. as part of a renewed U.S. mediation effort aimed at reaching a PA-Israeli FRD agmt. (MM 9/3; MA, YA 9/3 in WNC 9/4; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/4; IDF Radio 9/4 in WNC 9/8; WT 9/5; ITV, YA 9/6, ITV 9/7, VOA 9/8 in WNC 9/9; al-Ba`th 9/6 in WNC 9/11; WJW 9/10; JP 9/12)

Syria opens a trade center in Iraq. (WP 9/4)

Israeli authorities begin construction of new housing units on confiscated Palestinian land to expand the West Bank settlement of Mihula. (al-Quds 9/3 in WNC 9/9)