Friday, October 2, 1998

Israel seals borders with the occupied territories to prevent what DM Mordechai claims are plans for an "unprecedented, horrific" attack by Hamas. (MM 10/2; ITV 10/2 in WNC 10/6; WT 10/3)

Syria calls for dialogue with Turkey on security issues, accuses Israel of being behind Turkey's recent belligerent tone. (MM 10/2; SANA 10/2 in WNC 10/5; Sabah, SATN 10/2, ATL, JT, SA, SATN 10/3 in WNC 10/6; WP, WT 10/3; NYT 10/4; Anatolia 10/5 in WNC 10/7) (see 10/1)

A British analysts claims that Israel is the government referred to in a passage of the Starr report (see 9/19) in which Lewinsky testified that Clinton said that he suspected a foreign emb. of tapping his phones. The analyst claims that Mossad installed the tap after the FBI began looking into reports of an Israeli mole, Mega, in the administration (see 5/6/97); used its recordings of more than 30 sexually explicit calls btwn. Lewinsky, Clinton to force Clinton to call off the Mega investigation. A Washington source confirms that Israeli bugging, blackmail halted the FBI hunt. (MEI 10/2; see also MM 9/18)

In Hebron, 7 Palestinians are injured as clashes with the IDF continue. (WT 10/3)

Jewish settlers fr. Yitzhar settlement nr. Nablus fire on Palestinians in the neighboring village of Burin. In East Jerusalem, settlers throw molotov cocktails at a Palestinian home causing light damage. (PR 10/9)