Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Arafat returns to Gaza. (NYT, WP 10/29)

In Jericho, PA military court sentences 4 military intelligence officers to prison terms of 3-4 yrs. for raiding Fatah office in Ramallah 10/25. (AFP [Internet] 10/28; PR 10/30)

IDF lifts curfew on Palestinians in Israeli-controlled Hebron. (AP [Internet] 10/28; PR 11/6)

In Damascus, Syria, Turkey hold follow-up security mtg., plan to meet again in early 11/98. (ATL, SATN 10/28 in WNC 10/29) (see 10/20)

Egypt upgrades its diplomatic mission in Iran. (WP 10/29)

Amal attacks an SLA patrol in s. Lebanon, wounding 4 SLA mbrs. (VOL 10/29 in WNC 11/2)