Wednesday, June 24, 1998

After the PC denies his request to for a 2d postponement of the 6/25 no-confidence vote (see 6/15), Arafat formally accepts the resignations of 18 EA mbrs., which were submitted 8/1/97, giving himself until 7/9 to form a new cabinet. (PR 6/26; MEI, PR 7/3; MM 7/8; PR 7/17)

In Beirut, Lebanon, Tunisia sign economic cooperation accords, agree to resume (beginning 6/26) flights btwn. their countries, discuss possible Arab summit. (AFP 6/24, RL 6/25 in WNC 6/26)

Knesset Finance Comm. increases construction budget for West Bank settlements by $24.6 m. to cover 400 new housing units, Min. of Education's Torah culture budget by $6.7 m. 2 Labor MKs vote for the measure. (Globes [Internet] 6/24 in WNC 6/25)

Hamas's Shaykh Yasin returns to Gaza after 4-mo. regional tour. Israel had debated about not allowing him to return. (WP, WT 6/25; WJW 7/2) (see 6/22)

UN extends sanctions on Iraq for another 60 days. (WT 6/25) (see 6/22)