Tuesday, July 28, 1998

In Tel Aviv, PA Local Government M Erakat, Israeli cabinet secy. Nave, atty. Molho discuss FRD issue. Separately, PA negotiator Abbas, Israeli Public Security M Kahalani agree to resume weekly meetings on outstanding Oslo II issues. (PR 7/31)

EU special envoy Moratinos arrives in Lebanon fr. Syria for talks with Pres. Hrawi, Speaker Birri on the peace process; discusses international summit proposal. Moratinos then heads to Amman to meet with Crown Prince Hassan. (VOL 7/28 in WNC 7/29; JTV 7/29 in WNC 8/6)

Jordan's King Hussein releases statement fr. the Mayo Clinic, saying that doctors have confirmed that he has lymphoma type B, which is treatable. (JTV 7/28 in WNC 7/29; MM 8/3)

In Amman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia discuss expanding security cooperation. (RJ 7/28 in WNC 7/30)

IDF demolishes Palestinian home in Rafat that allegedly was built without a permit. (WT 7/29)

In s. Lebanon, an SLA convoy triggers a roadside bomb, killing 1 SLA mbr. (VOL 7/28 in WNC 7/29)