Monday, April 6, 1998

Pres. Clinton, Secy. Albright, special envoy Ross discuss ways of reviving peace process in light of Ross's failed mission, possibility of publicly presenting 13.1% FRD proposal. (MM 4/6)

Lebanon, Syria hold summit in Damascus to draw up plans to counter Israel's moves to promote its conditional s. Lebanon withdrawal offer. (MM 4/6)

Pres. Clinton receives letter fr. 33 House reps., praising their Middle East policy. (WJW 4/2; NYT 4/7; MM 4/8; WJW 4/9; MEI 4/10; WT 4/13; NYT 4/26)

PA concludes that Hamas's Sharif was killed by a rival Hamas faction; says it has detained 30, arrested 5 Hamas suspects in the murder, is looking for a 6th accomplis. Hamas rejects report, saying PA is seeking an excuse to can crack down on the movement as Israel demands prior to an FRD. PM Netanyahu says investigation proves the PA is capable of fighting terrorism. (ITV 4/6 in WNC 4/7; MM 4/6; VIRI 4/6, Corriere della Sera [Milan] 4/7 in WNC 4/8; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 4/7; MM 4/8; MM, WT 4/15; PR 4/17; CSM 4/21; MEI, PR 4/24; YA 4/26 in WNC 4/30) (see 4/4)

1,000s of Israeli Arabs hold general strike, protest march in the Galilee to denounce government discrimination against Arab citizens. In Um al-Sehali, Israeli police watch, do not interfere as 3 bedouin families rebuild their homes. (MM 4/6; MM, WP 4/7; WT 4/8; MM 4/9; PR 4/17) (see 4/4)

Hrs. after being summoned to appear before the PA General Intelligence Service (GIS), Palestinian Muhammad Anqawi, previously arrested by the PA on suspicion of being a collaborator, is found shot dead in Ramallah. (PR 4/17; JP 4/25)

Russia says it has proposed building a nuclear research reactor in Iran in addition to the atomic energy plant currently under construction. Israel, U.S. protest. (WP 4/7)

Iran-Iraq POW swap ends. (CSM 4/6; WT 4/8; WP 4/20)

Federal judge in Manhattan jails Ismail Elbarasse, a Palestinian American, for refusing to testify before a secret grand jury investigating Hamas fundraising in the U.S. (NYT 4/18) (see 2/23)

Pres. Clinton announces ban on foreign-made assault rifles that closes loophole in a 1994 weapons ban that allowed the continued import of Israeli Uzis, Galils. Israeli Military Industries, which planned to sell 10,000 of the guns in the U.S. over the next 3 to 4 yrs., is considering manufacturing the guns in the U.S. to avoid the restriction. (Globes [Internet], YA 4/7 in WNC 4/8; WJW 4/9)

Roadside bomb detonates nr. the Lebanon-Israel border, killing 1 civilian, injuring 3. 1 IDF soldier is injured, 1 Hizballah mbr. is killed in separate incident nr. the border. (RL 4/6 in WNC 4/7; WJW 4/9)