Monday, May 11, 1998

Pres. Clinton asks Secy. Albright to cancel her trip to Europe for the G-8 summit, meet with PM Netanyahu in Washington 5/13 in another effort to "overcome the remaining differences." (MM 5/11; MM, NYT, WP, WT 5/12)

In a 2d emergency session, CPMAJO mbrs. vote 27-3 to ask for a mtg. with Clinton; to draft letter objecting pressure on Israel, Hillary Clinton's 5/6 statements. (WP, WT 5/12; WJW 5/14) (see 5/7)

In Beirut, FM Buwayz discusses Israel's conditional withdrawal proposal with Nigerian FM Mamane Sambo Sidikou. (RL 5/11 in WNC 5/12)

In Ankara, Turkish PM Mesut Yilmaz, Dep. Chief of Staff Gen. Çevik Bir attend 50th anniversary reception at the Israeli embassy. (Anatolia 5/12 in WNC 5/13)

13 yrs. after denying him sanctuary claiming that he was not its spy, Israel officially recognizes Pollard as its agent in hopes of negotiating his release. (NYT, WP, WT 5/12; MA 5/13 in WNC 5/14; WJW 5/14) (see 4/14)

Iran, Iraq launch their 1st joint operation to search for remains of soldiers killed in their 1980+n88 war. (WP 5/12)

Hamas's Shaykh Yasin arrives in Kuwait. (MM 5/12)

In retaliation for SLA shelling of Lebanese village that wounded 2 civilians, Hizballah units in s. Lebanon fire rockets at IDF base just inside n. Israel, injuring 2 soldiers. (AFP, ITV, MBC, RL 5/11 in WNC 5/12; ITV, VOL 5/11 in WNC 5/13; WT 5/12; al-Diyar 5/12 in WNC 5/18)