Saturday, November 29, 1997

Arafat sends letter to UN Secy. Gen. Kofi Annan, requesting full Palestinian membership in the UN, something thus far granted only to independent states. (WP 11/30)

King Hussein gives speech inaugurating Jordan's new parliament in which he reaffirms support for the Palestinians, including their right to have the capital of a Palestinian state "in Jerusalem." Jordanian opposition parties criticize the phrase as an acceptance of partition. (JTV 11/29 in WNC 12/7; MM 12/17)

Across the West Bank, Palestinians hold demonstrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the UN partition res., which created Israel. In Bethlehem, the IDF opens fire with rubber bullets on 5,000 Palestinians marching to demand Israel release Palestinian prisoners, injuring 40 (including a PA policeman), making today the worst single day of Palestinian-Israeli clashes in mos. In contrast, few Israelis celebrate the anniversary. (NYT, WP, WT 11/30; WP 12/1; MEI 12/5)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah detonates roadside bombs, killing 3 SLA mbrs., wounding 5 IDF soldiers. (RL 11/29 in WNC 12/9; WP 11/30)