Sunday, January 4, 1998

Israeli cabinet decides that Netanyahu cannot leave for 1/20 mtg. with Clinton in Washington without a FRD decision approved by the entire government. Cabinet mbrs. also discus 12-page document drafted by the PM's Office listing new conditions the PA must meet for redeployment to take place. (NYT 1/5; MM 1/7; PR 1/9)

Israeli FM Levy resigns. (ITV, MA 1/4, al-Ra'i YA 1/5 in WNC 1/6; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 1/5; WP 1/6; MM 1/8; MM, PR 1/9; JP 1/10; MEI 1/16) (see 1/1)

Israeli Cabinet Secy. Dani Nave, Netanyahu's military attaché Shimon Shapira reportedly hold "secret" talks with Jordanian officials in Amman. No details are reported. (JT 1/10 in WNC 1/13)

Israel announces that it has arrested an American of Lebanese extraction for acting on behalf of a "Lebanese terrorist group." The man is married to an Israeli woman. The couple had been visiting family in Acre. (WP 1/5; ITV 1/7 in WNC 1/10; JP 1/17)

Around 30 Jewish settlers temporarily move into empty buildings in Hebron to protest what they consider inadequate IDF security measures to protect them. (WJW 1/8; JP 1/17) (see 1/2)