Monday, January 19, 1998

PM Netanyahu arrives in Washington, holds separate mtgs. with American Jewish groups, Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson, House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA), Moral Majority leader Jerry Falwell; gives speech to Voice United for Israel, a coalition dominated by Christian fundamentalists. Falwell tells Netanyahu that he will mobilize evangelical churches to oppose any FRD. (MM, WP, WT 1/20; IDF Radio 1/20 in WNC 1/21; ITV 1/20 in WNC 1/23; NYT, WP, WT 1/21; MM, WT 1/26; MEI 1/30)

Israel receives fr. the U.S. 1st 2 of 25 F-15I aircraft, which have a 2,400-mi. range--enough to hit Iran, Iraq, Libya without refueling--and ability to carry 11 tons of weapons. (Der Standaard [Groot-Bijgaarden] 1/20 in WNC 1/21; MENA 1/21 in WNC 1/23; MEI 1/30; JP 1/31)

In advance of his mtg. with Clinton 1/22, Arafat arrives in Cairo for 2 days of talks on the peace process with Mubarak. (MENA 1/19, 1/20 in WNC 1/21; PR 1/23)

In under 3 hrs., PA security court tries, sentences to 15 yrs. 2 Hamas mbrs. on charges of masterminding the 7/30, 9/4 suicide bombings. Jassir Samara, Nasim Abu Rus were arrested in a raid in Nablus 1/12. (LAW 1/19; WP, WT 1/20)

At the start of 3 days of mtgs. in Bucharest, Syria, Romania sign 4 cooperation agmts. covering transportation, trade, health and the environment, youth and sports. (Rompres [Bucharest] 1/19, Radio Romania Network [Bucharest] 1/20 in WNC 1/21)