Monday, August 18, 1997

Israel decides to release 1/3 of the tax revenues ($12 m.) that it has withheld fr. the PA as a nod to the PA's cooperation on the trilateral security panel 8/18. (MM 8/18; IDF Radio, IGPO 8/18 in WNC 8/20; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 8/19; PR 8/22)

PA police begin inforcing a boycott on the import of certain Israeli goods to the occupied territories, halting and searching commercial vehicles. (JT 8/18 in WNC 8/20; MM 8/21; CSM, NYT, PR 8/22) (see 8/16)

Citing the deadlock in the peace process, Indonesia rejects an Israeli request for PM Netanyahu to visit the country during a trip to Japan, South Korea next wk. (YA 8/19 in WNC 8/20)

IDF demolishes 4 Palestinian homes nr. Hebron. (PR 9/5)

Jordan arrests 6 people, including an Israeli, who were trying to smuggle guns into the West Bank via the Dead Sea tourist area. (JT 8/27 in WNC 8/28; Shihan 9/6 in WNC 9/10; JP 10/11)

3 Lebanese civilians are killed by a roadside explosion in Jazzin, which is controlled by the South Lebanon Army (SLA). In response, the SLA shells the largely pro-Hizballah city of Sidon, killing at least 6 civilians, wounding 38--the highest civilian toll since the 4/96 understanding. Hizballah, supported by Lebanese army artillery, then shells source of SLA fire (a village nr. Jazzin), killing 1 civilian, wounding 2. Israel files a complaint with the Israel-Lebanon Monitoring Group (ILMG), blaming Hizballah for the initial roadside bombing; reprimands the "rogue commander" of the SLA who allegedly ordered the Sidon attack. (MM 8/18; RL, VOL 8/18 in WNC 8/20; MM, NYT, WP, WT 8/19; VOL 8/19 in WNC 8/21; CSM, WP 8/20; NYT 8/21; MM 8/22) (see 8/12)

Iraq announces plans to permit Iranian pilgrims to visit Shi`ite holy sites at Najaf, Karbala for the 1st time in 17 yrs. beginning 9/4. (MM 8/19)

At the invitiation of the Lebanese Soccer Federation, the Iraqi national soccer team arrives in Beirut to play match against Lebanon's team. (INA 8/18 in WNC 8/20) (see 7/11)