Friday, September 5, 1997

In the early morning hrs., Israel stages a naval commando raid on Insariyya, deep inside Lebanon, most likely targetting Amal headquarters there. Amal mbrs., Hizballah mbrs., Lebanese army soldiers intercept the commandos, killing 11, wounding 4, leaving 1 missing and presumed dead; 2 Lebanese civilians are killed and 6 civilians, 6 militia mbrs., 1 Lebanese soldier are wounded in the fray. Fighting lasts several hrs. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/5; IDF Radio, VOL 9/5 in WNC 9/8; MM 9/8; IDF Radio, ITV, RL 9/5, VOL 9/6 in WNC 9/9; WP, WT 9/6; WT 9/7; CSM, NYT 9/8; al-Safir 9/8 in WNC 9/10; MEI 9/12; JP 9/13; NYT 9/19; WT 9/21; CSM 10/1; WT 10/15)

Israeli cabinet holds tense mtg. on 9/4 bombing, 9/5 commando raid; issues statement, vowing to act against Islamists' infrastructure, freezing any further redeployments (FRDs). (MM, NYT, PR, WP, WT 9/5; RE 9/10 in WNC 9/11; PR 9/12)

U.S. Secy. of State Albright calls on the PA to take unilateral action "to create a political climate where there is no tolerance for terror." (WT 9/9)

Iran, Syria sign protocol for construction of Damascus metro. (al-Ba'th 9/5 in WNC 9/10)