Sunday, September 21, 1997

At the close of its 3-day mtg., the Arab League issues a final communiqué, praising efforts by Secy. of State Albright to restart peace talks; denouncing Israel's continued settlement expansion, particularly Ras al-Amud; ignoring Turkish-Israeli military maneuvers scheduled for 11/97; leaving it to individual mbrs. to decide whether to boycott the upcoming Doha econommic summit (see 9/13). FMs also vote to ignore UN sanctions against Libya. (CSM, MM, NYT, WT 9/22; al-Ittihad, MENA 9/23 in WNC 9/24; MM 9/25)

Palestinian owner of 1 Ras al-Amud house occupied by rabbinical students, Fuad Hadiya, returns from Romania to reclaim his property, asserting that he never sold it. Moskowitz claims that the Palestinian family willingly sold the building to Jews, who in turn sold it to him. (CSM, NYT 9/22; WT 9/24; PR 10/3) (see 9/18)

Israeli cabinet secy. Dani Nave leaves for Washington to prepare for FM Levy's mtg. with Arafat adviser Mahmud Abbas, Secy. of State Albright 9/28+n29. (MM, WT 9/22)

The Geneva-based World Council of Churches issues a letter condemning Israel's "intransignet" policies toward Palestinians, including collective punishment. (WT 9/22)

Israeli elite paratrooper, undercover units arrest nearly 100 of West Bank Palestinians in an extensive crackdown (concentrated in the area of Assira) on alleged Islamists. Until now, Israel has reported no leads in the 7/30, 9/4 suicide bombings. At the same time, IDF allows 4,000 Palestinian construction workers to enter Israel. 10,000 Palestinians were allowed entry last wk. (NYT, WT 9/22; WP 9/24; MEI 9/26)

Jordan releases Hamas spokesman Ghawshah. (MM 9/22; al-Quds 9/23 in WNC 9/25) (see 9/8)