Monday, October 13, 1997

Palestine Observer Mission at the UN announces plans to introduce a resolution in the UN General Assemby (UNGA) by early 11/97 that would deny Israel's right to represent East Jerusalem, Golan Heights, meaning credentials for Israeli reps. would have to be issued fr. Tel Aviv, symbolically cutting Israel's territory back to pre-1967 lines. The mission will also try to have its observer status upgraded to "special observer," so that reps. can participate in plenary session, on comms. and working groups. (WT 10/14, 10/17; NYT 10/24)

Jordan, Syria end 2 days of mtgs. on  water; sign minutes of mtg., agreeing to go ahead with construction of al-Wahda dam on the Yarmuk River in Syrian territory. (RJ 10/13, JT 10/14 in WNC 10/15)

After Canada receives an official apology fr. Israel for using forged Canadian passports in Mishal attack 9/25, Canadaian amb. returns to  Tel Aviv. (Radio Canada International 10/13 in WNC 10/15) (see 10/2)

Israel releases 2d batch 9 Jordanian detainees, flies them to Amman. (JTV 10/13 in WNC 10/15; CSM, WT 10/14; NYT 10/15) (see 10/6)

4,000 Palestinians attend rally in Nalbus to celebrate Shaykh Yasin's return to Gaza. (WT 10/14) (see 10/6)

Turkey begins pulling troops out of n. Iraq after its latest incursion against the PKK, which began on 9/21. (WT 10/14)