Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Jordan holds parliamentary elections. Progovernment independents win 62 of 80 seats. 9 oppositon parties boycott, lowering voter turnout to just over 50%, but 8 Islamists win seats as independents (reducing Islamist parliamentarians by half). 10 seats are won by leftist, nationalist opposition and conservatives. 17 women run for seats (in comparison to 12 in 1989, 3 in 1993), but none win. New parliament is considered weak, centrist, with high tribal affiliation. (MM, WP 11/4; JTV, RJ 11/4, RJ 11/5 in WNC 11/6; WP 11/5; NYT 11/6; JT 11/6 in WNC 11/8)

Israeli court rules against Infrastructures M Sharon, who sued author Uzi Benziman for libel in 1991 for writing that as DM, Sharon had deceived PM Menachem Begin during the 1982 war in Lebanon. Court states evidence shows that Sharon persued a personal adgenda in 1982, failed to inform the PM of his true intentions. (MM 11/4-6)