Wednesday, May 21, 1997

In Cairo, Egyptian pres. Husni Mubarak, Arafat discuss deterioration of the peace process. (RE 5/21 in WNC 5/22; RE 5/22 in WNC 5/23)

In Moscow, Syrian FM Faruq al-Shara`, Russian FM Yevgeny Primakov discuss bilateral relations, peace process. (SANA 5/21 in WNC 5/22; Interfax [Moscow], SATN 5/21 in WNC 5/23)

In Abu Dhabi, Syrian VP Khaddam discusses with UAE FM Shaykh Hamdan Bin Zayid al-Nahayan the peace process, Doha economic summit, Turkish incursion into n. Iraq. Khaddam then leaves for Oman. (MM 5/22) (see 5/19)

Under pressure fr. Trade M Natan Sharansky (Yisra'el B'Aliya) and Security M Avigdor Kahalani (Third Way), PM Netanyahu replaces top foreign-policy adviser Dore Gold, appointing him amb. to the UN (a position left unfilled for over a yr.), replacing him with Uri Arad, head of Mossad research. (MM, WT 5/22; YA 5/22 in WNC 5/23; WJW 5/29; JP 5/31)

Palestinian prisoner in Israel custody, Khalid Abu Da'iyya, dies hrs. after being brought to a hospital fr. jail. PA accuses Israel of torturing him. (LAW 5/22; LAW, WP 5/23)

In s. Lebanon, an IDF soldier is wounded by a Hizballah mine. (VOL 5/21 in WNC 5/22)