Thursday, June 12, 1997

Egypt's Baz arrives in Jerusalem for talks with PM Netanyahu, Arafat on possibility of holding 3- or 4-way summit with Pres. Mubarak/King Hussein. (MM 6/12; QY, YA 6/13 in WNC 6/17) (see 6/8)

In Istanbul, the culture Ms representing the Group of Eight Developing Islamic Counties (D-8) hold preparatory mtg. in advance of the 1st D-8 summit on 6/15; issue declaration vowing to pursue cultural, tourism cooperation agmts. The D-8, which encourages cooperation on all levels btwn. member states, comprises Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey. (Anatolia [Ankara] 6/12 in WNC 6/17)

In Gaza, IDF soldiers, settlers clash with Palestinians protesting the confiscation of land belonging to Khan Yunis for Morag settlement. 2 Palestinians are wounded by live ammunition, 1 dies of a heart attack. In a separate incident nr. Gush Qatif settlement, Palestinians clash with settlers dedicating a monument to an Israel soldier killed during the 9/24-28 clashes; 1 settler shoots, wounds 2 Palestinians. IDF moves more tanks into Gaza. (MM, NYT 6/13; JP 6/21; MEI 6/27; MM 6/30)