Friday, June 13, 1997

PM Netanyahu cancels planned visit to Washington in late 6/97 to avoid a difficult mtg. with Pres. Clinton over the peace process. (ITV 6/13 in WNC 6/17; WT 6/14; NYT, WT 6/15)

UNGA votes (66-2, with 59 abstentions) that Israel should pay $1.7 m. to cover costs of the 4/18/96 Qana, marking the 1st time that a single country has been held accountable for peacekeeping costs. Israel rejects the decision. (AFP 6/13 in WNC 6/17; AFP 6/13, RL 6/15 in WNC 6/17; MM, WT 6/16; WJW 6/19; JP 6/21) (see 6/8)

Israeli cabinet approves plan to offer cheap land, housing in n., s. Israel to lure Israelis away fr. the overcrowded Tel Aviv area. (WT 6/14; JP 6/21)

Complying with demands from the military to step down, Turkish PM Erbakan agrees to transfer power to his secular coalition partner Dep. PM Tansu Ciller. (WP, WT 6/14) (see 6/1)