Saturday, June 21, 1997

Israeli communications M Limor Livnat resigns her job as coordinator btwn. the government, parliament, saying she cannot defend Netanyahu's administration in a no-confidence vote 6/24. She does not resign her cabinet seat. (ITV 6/21 in WNC 6/24; WT 6/22; WT 6/24; WP 6/26)

In Hebron, IDF wounds 24 Palestinian demonstrators. In Nablus, 1,000s of Palestinians hold anti-U.S./Israel rally to protest the 6/10 House decision on Jerusalem. (NYT, WT 6/22; MEI 6/27)

6 Irish UNIFIL soldiers are wounded while trying to clear Israeli mines fr. a road leading to their post on the edge of Israel's self-declared security zone. Israel has mined all roads in the area to "protect" an SLA post from resistance attacks, forcing the UN to communicate with its base solely by helicopter. (RL, RTE Radio One Network [Dublin] 6/21 in WNC 6/24; MEI 6/27) (see 6/14)