Thursday, July 17, 1997

In Washington, PA Local Government M Erakat meets with special envoy Ross. (MM, WT 7/22; WJW 7/24)

In Gaza, Arafat, Shin Bet head Ami Ayalon discuss Israel's arrest of 3 PA policemen 7/15. Later, Egyptian amb. Basyuni hosts mtg. btwn. Israeli DM Mordechai, PA Planning M Shaath to discuss tensions surrounding arrest. The policemen have reportedly "confessed" under interrogation, prompting the IDF to detain the head of the PA forces in the Nablus area. (IDF Radio, ITV, QY 7/17 in WNC 7/18; MM, WT 7/18; ITV 7/18, MA 7/19, 7/20, Hatzofe 7/21 in WNC 7/22; JP 7/26) (see 7/9)

In Bir Nabala, IDF demolishes 19 Palestinian homes housing 47 persons. Soldiers do not let residents remove their belongings fr. the homes before destroying them. (LAW 7/7)

In Bayt Sahur, 2,000 Palestinians attend the funeral of boy killed by IDF 7/14. (WT 7/17)

World Bank grants Jordan a $50 m. loan for upgrading the kingdom's health care system. (JTV 7/17 in WNC 7/18)