Sunday, July 27, 1997

As the 8/12 expiration date of the Middle East Peace Facilitation Act (MEPFA) approaches, key congressmen say that they doubt an extension can be approved before Congress goes into recess 8/1. If no extension is passed then aid to and contacts with the PLO must be cut off at least temporarily. (WP 7/27; MM, WT 7/29; WJW 7/31; JP 8/2; WP 8/13)

A 3-day exhibition of Syrian pharmaceutical companies hosted by Iraq opens in Baghdad. Around town, portraits of Syria's Pres. Asad appear next to pictures Iraq's Pres. Saddam Hussein. (RMC 7/27 in WNC 7/29; MM 7/28) (see 7/24)

The Arab Land Party, the Jordanian Arab Socialist Ba'th Party, the Jordanian Communist Party, the Pan-Arab Action Front Party, the Popular Unity Party, the Progressive Arab Ba'th Party announce that they will boycott 11/97 elections unless Jordan suspends the new press law, stops all official normalization with Israel, ensures the right of parties to equal use of all mass media, halts violations of public freedoms and democracy, treats parties as national institutions. (al-Ra'i 7/28 in WNC 7/29) (see 7/26)

In. s. Lebanon, 1 SLA mbr. is wounded by Hizballah shelling. (VOL 7/28 in WNC 7/29)