Thursday, February 20, 1997

King Hussein returns home fr. trip to Morocco, UK, Germany, Ireland. (JTV 2/20 in WNC 2/24)

FBI chief Louis Freeh arrives in Jordan to discuss extradition of Hamas political leader Musa Abu Marzuq, raising speculation the U.S., Israel prefer to deport him to a 3d country. Freeh arrived in Amman fr. Israel, is heading to Egypt. (NYT 2/21; SA 2/22 in WNC 2/25; al-Ra'i 2/24 in WNC 2/26; JP 3/1; MEI 3/7) (see 2/11)

ILMG closes 2-days of talks on death of 1 Lebanese civilian, wounding of 2 others during IDF shelling 2/18; blames Israel for the death. (RL 2/19 in WNC 2/20; RL 2/20 in WNC 2/21; RL 2/20, 2/21 in WNC 2/24; al-Nahar 2/21, RL 2/22 in WNC 2/25)

IDF mine explodes in s. Lebanon, killing 1 Lebanese civilian. (RL 2/21 in WNC 2/24)