Thursday, April 10, 1997

PA delegation led by Arafat dep. Abbas, Local Government M Erakat arrives in Washington, meets with Secy. of State Albright, special envoy Ross. (WT 4/10; CSM, MM, PR, WP, WT 4/11; MM 4/14)

In Hebron, 7 Palestinians are wounded by rubber bullets in the latest round of clashes with the IDF. Israeli Justice M Hanegbi urges security forces to be tougher on Palestinian demonstrators. (MM 4/10; IDF Radio 4/10 in WNC 4/11; WT 4/11)

German court rules that Iran's top leaders ordered the 1992 assassination of 4 Kurdish dissidents in Germany. In response, EU mbr. nations (excluding Greece) withdraw their ambs. to Iran in protest to that government's support of terrorism. Iran responds in kind. (CSM 4/11; AFP 4/11 in WNC 4/14; VIRI 4/11 in WNC 4/15; MM 4/15; VIRI 4/18 in WNC 4/21; CSM 4/25; WT 4/28; NYT 4/30; MEI 5/2; al-Ahd [Beirut] 5/2 in WNC 5/7; WJW 5/15)