Monday, December 16, 1996

Israeli, PA talks on Hebron resume for 1st time in 9 days. (ITV 12/16 in WNC 12/18; PR 12/20)

PA negotiator Erakat, Netanyahu adviser Molho meet briefly in Jerusalem to try to ease tensions that have built up since Israel's 12/13 decision to restore settler benefits. (CSM, WP, WT 12/17) (see 12/5)

Pres. Clinton criticizes Israel for planning to expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank, reinstating benefits to West Bank settlers. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/17; CSM, MM 12/18; WJW 12/19; IDF Radio, YA 12/19 in WNC 12/23; MEI 12/20; JP 12/28) (see 12/13)

IDF unseals Ramallah. (PR 12/20) (see 12/11)

In Washington, representatives of 29 nations (incl. Arab states, Brazil, Canada, the EU, Japan, the U.S.) pledge $3.2 b. toward the post-civil war reconstruction of Lebanon. The U.S. promises $20 m. over several yrs. (incl. $12 m. next yr. for education, environment). EU states pledge $1.5 b. (MM 12/16; RL 12/16 in WNC 12/17; MM, WP, WT 12/17; RL 12/17 in WNC 12/18; MM 12/18; al-Safir 12/18 in WNC 12/23; MEI 12/20; RL 12/23 in WNC 12/24; WJW 12/26; al-Safir 1/14 in WNC 1/17; CSM 1/15)

In Ankara, the 13th Iranian-Turkish joint economic commission session opens. (IRNA 12/16 in WNC 12/18, 12/19; MM 12/19)

ILMG meets at Naqura to consider a complaint by Israel regarding the launching of rockets into n. Israel 12/13. Although the Lebanese delegation does not believe katayushas actually were fired, the group concludes that at least 1 rocket, launched by an unknown party, landed in n. Israel. (RL 12/16 in WNC 12/17; RL 12/16 in WNC 12/18; RL 12/17 in WNC 12/19; MM 12/19; IGPO 12/26)