Thursday, January 2, 1997

The PA hardens its position on Hebron deal after 1/1 shooting, demands Israel commit to a deadline for withdrawing troops fr. rural West Bank areas. (HA, IDF Radio, QY 1/2 in WNC 1/6; CSM, NYT, WT 1/3; NYT 1/4; JP 1/11)

Israeli Internal Security M Avigdor Kahalani warns that "the Jews in Hebron must be protected. They are in great danger, despite Noam Freidman's shooting spree." (MEI 1/10) (see 1/1)

Israeli police detain IDF soldier Yuval Jibli on suspicion that he knew of Friedman's plans to attack the Hebron market 1/1. IDF reinforces troops in the city. (NYT, WT 1/3; JP 1/11)

The Washington bureau of the London-based Saudi daily al-Hayat receives 5 letter bombs, which are detected before they explode. 2 similar bombs are sent to the federal penitentiary in Levenworth Kansas, where Jordanian Muhammad Salameh is serving time for his part in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Though all bombs are postmarked Alexandria, Egypt, authorities believe that they were mailed domestically. (MM, WP, WT 1/3; MBC 1/3 in WNC 1/7; SA 1/8 in WNC 1/9; MEI 1/10)