Friday, January 3, 1997

Trying to appease his right-wing cabinet ministers in advance of a vote on a Hebron deal, Netanyahu says that he will not give the PA a timetable for further redeployment, but only a date on which redeployment would begin. PA says it will not sign a deal without a timetable. 10 of the 18 cabinet mbrs. now say they are considering vetoing or abstaining fr. a vote on a Hebron deal. (see 12/30). (IDF Radio 1/3 in WNC 1/6; NYT, WP, WT 1/4)

Israeli police release Yuval Jibli. (NYT 1/4) (see 1/2)

Syria says that it is "astonished" by the insensitivity of U.S. remarks on the 12/31 bus bombing. U.S. then issues statement saying that it deplores the attack. (RMC 1/3 in WNC 1/6; WP, WT 1/4; SANA 1/4 in WNC 1/7; MM, WT 1/7; MEI 1/10)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah attacks an IDF position, wounding 2. (RL 1/3 in WNC 1/7)

A 3d letter bomb arrives at the federal penitentiary in Levenworth, is detected before it is opened. (WP 1/4, 1/8; MEI 1/10) (see 1/2)