Wednesday, January 15, 1997

In Gaza, the EA, PLO Exec. Comm., PC ratify the Hebron protocol. (NYT, WP, WT 1/16; PR 1/24)

Israeli cabinet begins debate on Hebron protocol. (ITV 1/15 in WNC 1/17)

PA police begin entering Hebron. Redeployment should be completed by 1/17. (NYT 1/15, 1/16)

Syria terms the new Hebron agmt. an "enslavement of [the] Palestinians." (WP 1/16)

Netanyahu policy adviser Bar Ilan says that he believes that, under the new Hebron agmt., Israel could stay in control of 50% of the West Bank after the 3d stage of further redeployment. (WT 1/16)

Jordanian delegation arrives in Baghdad for talks with Iraq on an economic agmt. encompassing an oil deal, trade protocol. (RJ 1/15 in WNC 1/17)

The U.S. warns Pres. Nelson Mandela that it might withdraw millions of dollars in aid to South Africa if Mandela approves a $641-m. arms sale to Syria. Mandela angrily rejects the warning, noting that 3 EU states are trying to sell Syria the same equipment, and the U.S. has not issued warnings to them. Israel summons the South African amb. to express its "deep concern" over the sale. (South Africa Radio [Johannesburg] 1/15 in WNC 1/15; IGPO 1/15 in WNC 1/17; al-Safir 1/15, SANA in WNC 1/21; MM, NYT, WT 1/16)