Wednesday, January 22, 1997

In Cairo, Arafat says that after the interim period, the PA could unilaterally declare a Palestinian state, without Israeli permission. (ITV, SA 1/22 in WNC 1/24; MM 1/23)

PM Netanyahu says that he has offered to resume negotiations with Syria, but Syria has not responded. Israeli FM Levy makes a public appeal to Syria to resume peace talks. (MM 1/22; IDF Radio, SA 1/22 in WNC 1/23; WT 1/23)

After 3 mos. of discussion, a group of Likud, Labor legislators (led by MKs Michael Eytan and Yossi Beilin, respectively) sign a document entitled a "National Agmt. Regarding the Negotiations on the Permanent Settlement with the Palestinians." (NYT 1/26; MM, WP 1/27; MM 1/28; SA 1/28 in WNC 1/29; TJT 1/31 in WNC 2/6; MM 2/3; PR 2/7)

South Africa's cabinet delays the $650-m. arms sale to Syria, says it will consult the U.S. before making a final decision. (NYT, WP 1/23; WT 1/24; MEI 2/7) (see 1/15)

The full Senate confirms (99-0) Albright's as secy. of state. She chooses Thomas Pickering as her undersecy. for political affairs, Stuart Eizenstat as her undersecy. for economic affairs. Strobe Talbott will remain dep. secy. of state. (NYT, WP 1/23) (see 1/20)